Zucchini Hummus

Having lived in the Middle East for several years, I appreciate a good hummus recipe. This one calls for zucchini instead of chickpeas and it is absolutely outstanding! In fact it has become such a favourite in my family that I cannot imagine ever reverting to the authentic version using chickpeas. Store-bought varieties of hummus are generally over seasoned and too salty for my palette and none of them come close to the fresh taste and lightness of hummus made with zucchini. This recipe was inspired by a recipe in Matt Amsden’s book RAWvolution, Gourmet Living Cuisine.

photo courtesy of Henri XXX                 Photograph taken by Kim Jeffries. Food Stylist, Sasha Seymour.


  • 6 cups of zucchini, diced, (about 3 medium-large zucchini)
  • ¾ cup raw sesame tahini
  • ½ cup fresh lemon juice
  • ¼ fresh avocado, optional
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tsp Celtic or pink Himalayan salt
  • Chili powder


Removing the skins from zucchini is optional. The only difference to the end result is that the colour will be slightly greener if the skins are left on. Chop zucchini coarsely and place in a high-speed blender. (Skins can be chopped and used in soups or added to green smoothies if you remove them in this recipe.) Peel garlic cloves and cut in half. Add to blender with remaining ingredients and blend until thick and smooth. Spoon hummus into a large serving bowl using a rubber spatula. Garnish with a pinch of chili powder if desired. This hummus is best made a few hours in advance or the day before as it thickens up a bit after standing.

*Recipe is easy to half, and it keeps well for 5-7 days, refrigerated. Typically, hummus recipes call for the addition of olive oil but I find there is enough oil from the tahini without adding any additional olive oil.


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